Sunday, July 27, 2014

Caricature table seating chart chalk art

Thanks to Nina and Hitendra for having me create this piece of art for their wedding reception at Q Haute Cuisine! 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Angela and Chad, Wedding Caricature

It's funny how life works sometimes. Angela and Chad contacted me to do caricature chalk mural for them, the theme being for their wedding and their upcoming beach honeymoon in Fiji! Once Angela sent me the photos, I recognized her as someone I worked with half a lifetime ago, at my very first job! Funny how we randomly reconnect so many years later.  Thanks again and Congratulations!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

May 2014!

Did a couple quick menu boards for Vagabond, a local pub here in Calgary Downtown, near the Saddledome, take a look.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Bowdog Calgary Chalk Mural, March 2014

Recently did a fun commission for Bowdog here in Calgary. They specialize in everything Canine! It was a lot of fun to meet so many dogs while working on this drawing. They have a great team of people at a nice facility, so if you need lodging, grooming, daycare or training for your dog, Bowdog is highly recommended.

This wall was done with chalk markers instead of traditional chalk, as the wall is located in a busy area and dogs would brush against it while walking by.
Working with Bowdog's marking team, we decided a visually interesting way to present their services was with a 'word cloud'. Another integral part of the Bowdog brand was "Sit Stay and Play", which fits quite nicely under their logo dog tag on the left.

Wedding Seating Chart Chalk Mural

Here's a cool drawing done for Becky and her husband at Q Haute Cuisine. A new take on how to display your wedding reception's table seating chart! 
They requested the art to match their wedding invitations as seen here :)

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Kids Caricatures Calgary Artist, for Westjet Family Event

Had a great time drawing caricatures for some cute kids at the Westjet Family Christmas party this past weekend.
 It was held at the Telus Spark Science Center from 9am-12pm, and they had 6 caricature artists working. Here's a glimpse of some of my favourite drawings.
 Dominic, Pheonix & Tristan: These three brothers probably share a lot of things, including this drawing! Benjamin likes the Wii and was sooo happy that I drew him with a Wii controller. Gavin melted my heart - the look on his face when I turned the drawing around to show him what he looks like as a cartoon character. He likes soccer and dogs too. What sweethearts.

Teegan's favourite color is pink and wanted me to draw her makeup in the drawing too. Tamana was very sweet and likes purple! Reid was only 17 months old, and in talking to his mom, she said he points at lots of things since he can't speak much yet. He's like a modern Gerber Baby! 

Friday, December 13, 2013

Fresh Gems, Find me at Market Collective December 20-22, 2013

Check out these fresh gems! I've been working hard in prep for my upcoming show and sale! Find my table at Market Collective on the December 20-22nd weekend.

I'll be selling handcrafted women's jewelry (making lots of long pendant necklaces!) and wire words wine charm sets.

Location: King Edward school, 1720, 30th Ave SW, Calgary.
Hours: Fri: 4-9pm, Sat: 10-6pm, Sun: 10-6pm

Happy Holidays! Herjavec Group Chalk Mural Wall at Q Haute Cuisine

Here's a peek at the latest Chalk Mural commission I did at Q Haute Cuisine. The Herjavec Group had their 6th Annual Holiday Cocktail Reception.

Robert Herjavec (Founder of Herjavec Group, You've seen him on Dragon's Den and Shark Tank) retweeted my twitter post about the mural! That made my night :) Find me on Twitter: @rozzielee

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Bowties, Pearls and Moustaches - A Prohibition Style Cocktail Party

What a great theme for a party... where was my invite?! :p
Chalk mural Commission for Midwest Surveys, their upcoming event at Q Haute 
"Bowties, Pearls and Moustaches - A Prohibition Style Cocktail Party"

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fiona and James Caricatures, Chalk Mural & Live Drawings

Recently I worked with a lovely couple, Fiona and James on a custom Caricature.

They both love cycling (they each own three different bicycles!) and have always wanted to try a tandem bicycle as well. They were really easy to work with and really fun to get to know. Above is their completed studio drawing, and I was comissioned to draw it with chalk at Q Haute Cuisine, the location for their Wedding Reception.

Chalk Mural at Q Haute Cuisine In progress  

A photo with the finished chalk mural  
Fiona and James also invited me to do live caricature drawing of their guests on their Wedding Reception evening at Q Haute.  This was an exciting opportunity for me and I really loved it! Check out some of the photos of the family and friends of the couple with their caricatures. Thank you Fiona and James for the opportunity to work with you, I had an amazing time!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Paris Marketplace, Q Haute Chalk Mural

The Paris Marketplace - Rustic buildings with the old cobblestone roads. This sets the scene in the current chalk mural at Q Haute Cuisine. Chef Michele was a pleasure to conceptualize with.  He's such a positive creative force at this establishment!

Audra and Mike Celtic Knot Mural

I worked with Audra and Mike via email to design this mural for their wedding reception at Q Haute. She sent me copies of her wedding invitation, which had this lovely Celtic knot design with a heart in it.  Drafting up some nice typography so that their guests would not mistaken who's party they were arriving for... Audra and Mike chose the asymmetrical design of the couple drafts I sent to them. The colors in the knots reflected the lovely blue flower bundles, which had hints of green and yellow in them as well.

Thanks again and Congratulations!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Breakfast at Tiffany's, New York 1960s Themed Chalk Mural

This was a custom chalk mural done for a Breakfast at Tiffany's Bridal Shower at Q Haute Cuisine! 
What a fun theme. I recently watched the movie after hearing about this project. Crazy I haven't seen it till now. Audrey Hepburn was a darling and so was "Cat".  The poor Cat scene of him sulking in the rain was just too darn cute.

I met for tea with the sister of the bride, Natalie, along with event planner Alexandra Joy (AJ) of Pink and Honey Event Styling.  They envisioned a 1960s New York Skyline, with the famous quote from the film's theme song, Moon River. I was really glad they liked the sketches I showed to them, and thrilled at the end result.

AJ put together a blog post with incredible photos of how the event all came together. The styling and details were incredible, what a memorable celebration. I was so glad to have played a part in it.

Wedding Obsession blog feature with more amazing photos from the Bridal Shower:

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Colorful Montage - Environment, Passion, Evolution

 The third drawing for Q-Haute was a montage of sketches and shapes that capture the essence of the establishment. 

- Environment - Passion - Evolution - Wine - Health - 

It was great to try the colors on the chalk wall. This drawing challenged us in reaching new heights (really I cannot reach the very top) and filled up the chalk wall the most of all the drawings to date.

October 6th, 2012

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dahlya and Pablo, Caricature Chalk Drawing

The two photos above taken with my iPhone of the work in progress
Recently I had the pleasure to work with Dahlya and Pablo, a stylish and modern couple who were looking for an artist to create a Caricature Chalk Mural for their Wedding Reception at Q-Haute Cuisine. Credit to my friend Luba, of Sketch, Calgary Art Supplies and Art Framing, for the referral! 

Their wedding was on Saturday, August 11th, 2012.  At our first meeting, we met at the restaurant and it was my first time seeing the space we were working with. I got to see photos of their invitations and learned about them and their wedding plans! I snapped a few photos of the couple, and worked from those as reference for their faces. After our consultation, we corresponded via email on sketches to get to the final product.

White Dress Photography did an amazing job capturing their big day. View the gallery HERE.  A truly beautiful, intimate and classic wedding. 
Photo credit for the above image: White Dress Photography
Photo of my Car with the Extension Ladder in it... This is how we drive to Q-Haute! Go Red Rocket!! 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Q Haute Stampede Chalk Drawing

Hello Friends! Sorry I have not posted much recently, I have been living life! Truly!

This past spring the boyfriend and I both got bicycles! Love going through Fish Creek Park. So much wildlife out there, and it's really peaceful and great exercise. My favourite part of Fish Creek is the wildlife. From interesting birds, to the beaver dam that we discovered, counting three beavers swimming, chewing or just chillin' by the still body of water. Also plenty of deer, duck, and on occasion even skunk, partridge other unknown creatures.

But also this summer, I got my motorcycle license and bought a Kawasaki Ninja 250R whoo!! So spending most of my free time on two wheels, while working full-time at the Motorcycle shop and working on Jewelry in my barely there free time. Really there is none, because I'm eating or sleeping in between all these activities. Trying of focus on taking care of myself, an overall sense of health and wellness are my goals.

So with this post, I wanted to show off the Chalk drawing Kyle and I did at Q Haute Cuisine back in June, with a Stampede theme. For those who aren't from Calgary, The Calgary Stampede is a week long Western festival that takes over the city!  Suddenly everyone wears a cowboy hat, and tourists think we are all cow-folk who drink and party a lot. :p 2012 is extra special for the Stampede, as it's celebrating it's centennial year, one hundred years Stampeding!

Q Haute Cuisine is a Contemporary French Fine Dining Restaurant here in Calgary, located right next to the new Calgary Peace Bridge. Their address is: 100 La Caille place S.W Calgary, Alberta.